Snap Saigon – Then the youth of Saigon has the Factory – the first true art scene, new and impressive!

Desiring to bring contemporary art closer to the Vietnamese youth
The Factory Contemporary Arts Center is well-invested in space,
Creating an extremely modern, impressive and immediate art gallery 
At first sight
Young Saigoneses are not only guided enjoy, love to learn, experience the new but also have the soul of art no less with friends world. The evidence is that in the past time, a lot of art events have taken place in Ho Chi Minh City and all events attracted the attention of many of you.
Unfortunately, the amount of space meets the needs of young people is petite. Most art exhibitions, art workshops, galleries have to borrow space in other places, then variations to fit the original purpose. However, do not hurry, a new space dedicated to art activities has just been born in Saigon and promises to make the rain in the near future!
The Factory Contemporary Arts Center is located at 15 Nguyen U Di, Thao Dien, District 2. This is considered to be the first and only contemporary art center in Saigon. In addition to displaying works of art in various forms such as paintings, sculptures, art installations… The Factory is also the venue for meetings between great artists. In the profession and the place where the workshop takes place so that everyone can learn together, cultivate more about artistic thinking.
Located in Thao Dien area, District 2 away from the city center, The Factory is like an oasis separated from the crowded world, out there. Impinging on your eyes at The Factory is a strikingly impressive appearance when using a variety of containers to make the outer space look extreme and eye-catching.
The Factory has a total area of 1000m2 and is divided into several areas. The eye-catching container area that you will see first when you arrive here is the small room and will soon be put into operation for various purposes such as office, rental to do a pop-up sale, Display artwork…
Step into here, you will immediately feel the air of art filled with fascinating paintings, sophisticated statues or even works of art arranged extremely abstract and suggestive.
Inside, there are the main spaces such as the cafe serving the guests to stop; Open space for holding conferences, workshops, seminars; Library with a series of rare books in various fields of art; exhibition room; bar. All areas are decorated, very diligent and looking very “tech”, spoiled for you to get 1001 type “so deep”.
When asked about The Factory’s mission, Bao Le, curatorial assistant, said, “The Factory is open for the purpose of developing art, serving the community, connecting trends and styles. At the same time contributing to the art network in Vietnam, inspiring the community, creating new vitality in art activities”.
Although only a short time of operation, The Factory has received the support of many people, especially young people love the art. Ms. Bao Le shared that because the location is quite far from the center, so the first time the number of individuals arrived not much. However, to date, you have a gradually formed habit to The Factory steadily to look at paintings, see the statue, to read and meet with people who share the same interests, interests with her. This is an excellent sign!
Come on, why do you wait and write The Factory right now on the list of places to go right away and always! What better way to have an afternoon in the air of art, enjoy a cup of aromatic coffee, chat, meet with many interesting people and also have a beautiful photo sparkle to show people anymore!
From Snap Vietnam Team

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