4 stunning rivers make one Vietnam different from others

Rivers make one Vietnam different from others

1. Saigon River

Saigon River has been the symbol of Saigon since forever. There’s absolutely no way you don’t visit this river when coming to the city.

Saigon Stunning River
Saigon Stunning River

If you have abundant budget, boat restaurant is a good way for you to enjoy both delicious food and beautiful sceneries viewing right on the river. Or you can buy some drinks and street foods at Bach Dang wharf, take a walk, simply let the wind caress your skin as well as contemplate the beautiful sceneries and have some chit chat with your friends. For me, the latter way is much cheaper (of course ) and more interesting.

2. Hoài River
Located in Hoi An, Hoai River is pertained deeply to this old town. When coming to Hoi An, most tourists are very excited about being on boats and going with the flow of the river to slowly contemplate the old town.


Unlike other places, people do not use engines for the boats, instead they utilize the most traditional way – rowing. It makes the tourists feel the authenticity and the simplicity around this place more profoundly.

3. Hàn River
Hàn River is the pride of people in Da Nang. The river is at its best at night, when the lights are all turned on and the poetic environment as well as gentle winds will give you peaceful and comfortable feelings.

The pride of people in Da Nang
The pride of people in Da Nang

Moreover, we can’t ignore the bridges when talking about this river. There are totally 6 popular bridges in this wonderful place: Thuận Phước Bridge, Hàn River Bridge, Dragon Bridge, Trần Thị Lý Bridge, Nguyễn Văn Trỗi Bridge and Tiên Sơn Bridge, in which Hàn River Bridge and Dragon Bridge are considered the must-see ones when coming to Da Nang.

4.Perfume River

Along with Ngu Binh Mountain, this river is an undisputed symbol of Huế. It has a long history with this province and is an inspiration for a lot of writers and poets in Vietnam both in the past and the present.


Going to this place, you will be overwhelmed by the peaceful environment, the elegance as well as tranquility coming from the river. Tourists usually stay on a boat and slowly go along the river to enjoy how wonderful this place is. It would be a memory that you will never forget.
Hope you like it and come to there.
See you some day

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