Xuan Huong Lake – The soul of Dalat City (Paris of Vietnam)

Located in the center of Dalat, Xuan Huong Lake is widely considered as one of the highlights of this Highland city. Going to Dalat without visiting the lake is like trying to love someone sans meeting him/her, at least that’s what I think.
I forgot, do you know here is that we call is ” Paris of Vietnam”. Check it out !!!

There’re 2 main theories about the name of this lake. Some people believe that it has been named Xuan Huong because during springtime, grasses and flowers around the lake perfume it softly with their distinctive and pleasant scents (“Xuan” means spring, “Huong” means scent). It’s also said that since 1953, the lake has been named after a very famous and talented poet in Vietnamese history – Ho Xuan Huong – to remind people of her.
And now let’s talk about what you should do when arriving at this place. The best way to enjoy the breathtaking attractiveness of Xuan Huong Lake is walking or going by bicycle around it at night. With these 2 ways, you can utterly feel the cold weather of the city and see all the beautiful sceneries. However, if you’re too lazy (I honestly don’t judge that because I always feel like it, too), horse wagon is such a good choice, but it will be obviously more pricey. And then if you want to go on the surface of the lake, duck boats are also available.

When going around, you can even have a chance to see other traditional construction of Dalat, such as City’s Garden, Yersin Park, City’s Square, etc. Moreover, the perfect time to visit Xuan Huong Lake (and also Tea Hills, like I said in the previous article) is the end or the very beginning of the year. It’s when Prunus Ceramides blossom, the weather is at its best and mists appear more often. Combining with the beauty of the sceneries here, the bright moon and other spectacular things, I guarantee that your time in here will not be wasted. It’s purely captivating, just like a natural work of art right inside the city.

Last but not least, don’t forget to wear warm clothes when visiting the place if you’re not used to cold weather. That’s all!
Thank you guys so much!

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