People falls in love with Da Nang City

You may hear that Da Nang is disputably the most liveable city in Vietnam. Whether it’s right or wrong is still dependent on people’ own experiences, we can’t deny the fact it attracts so many tourists, especially foreign ones, and the number of them is still on the rise. Below are 4 reasons for that fact, just from my point of view.

1. People are very friendly and loveable
Coming to Da Nang, you will for sure be impressed by the hospitality of local residents here. They’re also widely known for their complete honesty, politeness and, of course, friendliness. When you first go to this city, you will be overwhelmed by their warm welcome. If you’re lost your way here, just feel free to ask other people, they will willingly answer all of your questions and guide you devotedly and warm-heartedly.

2. Stunning natural and artificial sceneries
Da Nang has many spectacular beaches, rivers and even mountains. Moreover, from Da Nang, you can easily and quickly go to other great places and cities such as Hoi An, Hue, Ba Na Hill, etc. It´s like you just have to travel to one place and still can see so many beautiful and different sceneries!
Hence, when you’re already in Da Nang, it’s better to rent a motorbike and visit all the popular places. For me riding a motorcycle is the best way to enjoy the beauties as well as the fresh air of this city.

3. Reasonable price
Da Nang has a lot of modern restaurants, resorts and hotels with many eye-catching styles. However, please don’t think that they’re all expensive because the truth is opposite! Price for booking hotels and resorts in Da Nang is very reasonable, especially compared to cities in other countries. Moreover, the food here is also very cheap: in this town, you can have your stomach full of seafood and Vietnamese specialties with only 100 000 VNĐ (about 4.5USD)!

4. Incredibly fresh and clean
If you have a chance to travel to many places in Vietnam, pollution and contamination may be nothing new to you. In this case, Da Nang may astound you a bit: this city is allergic to trashes and dirtiness. The beaches, the roads, hospitals, rivers,… here are all immaculate. The government in this town is doing an excellent job on this issue, and people here are too civilized to litter anything on the ground.

So, have you been in love with Da Nang yet? 
Thank you guys so much.

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