4 Distinctive Streets In Saigon

Saigon is famous for many things, one of which is the streets. We have a lot of typical streets where people only sell one type of product. Hence, if you’re Saigonese, you will surely know where to buy what you need. Also, this type of sale makes a lot of streets in Saigon very distinctive and special, which captivates foreigners a lot.

  1. “Painting street” – Tran Phu

This street has been famous for painting and pictures since forever. For many Saigonese, whenever they need to purchase pictures or need skillful painters to paint ones, Tran Phu street is the first place coming up in their mind. When going there, you can even encounter the painters concentrating intensely and passionately on doing their job.

The painting street Tran Phu
The painting street Tran Phu
  1. “Electronic devices street” – Nhat Tao

You can literally find anything electronic here! Although the quality of products here is not something we should entirely believe in, the street still attracts lots of people coming to buy stuff. Maybe it’s because the cost is very reasonable, and there’s a chance that you can get some good and endure things. However, you have to know how to bargain with the sellers, or else you’ll find out that things you bought aren’t worth the price.

The Electronic Street Nhat Tao
The Electronic Street Nhat Tao
  1. “Shopping street” – Nguyen Trai

This is one of the best shopping streets in Ho Chi Minh city. There are so many kinds of clothes and accessories with a variety of styles and materials for you to choose. Price is also very reasonable and even cheap IF you know how to bargain properly. Also be careful and watch out for thieves and robbers.











  1. “Old books street” – Tran Nhan Ton

Part of Tran Nhan Ton street, from Hoa Hao to Tran Phu, is very popular and well-known, especially by bibliophiles and people who just love to read. They sell not only old books with very reasonable prices but also some kinds of book that no longer exist in the market. You can even find many rare books that were published so long ago, but the price is surely extremely high.

the book street
The book street


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