Would you like to be inside a Lotus flower?

As a Saigonese, I always love how this city can harmonize traditional factors with modern ones. And a perfect example for this harmonization is Bitexco Financial Tower. It was ranked at No.5 in the list of top 20 iconic skyscrapers, by CNN.

This tower is inspired from the bud of lotus flower – the cultural symbol of Vietnam. Viewing from Saigon river, the building looks like a lotus rising and being blooming from the ground. For me, it’s the metaphors for being energetic, optimistic, ethereal and going toward the future.
Despite its cultural meaning and traditional design inspiration, the building also has many modern features. It’s the only building in Vietnam that has a helipad. There is a light system outside the tower, which makes it very modern, captivating and sparkling, especially at night. On the inside, there are stores, restaurants, cinema, offices, etc. in , from many famous brands and companies in Vietnam the world. Every single detail in this building is well-made. For instance, the floor is high-quality parquet; the elevator system is actually the fastest in South East Asian – It just takes 35 seconds to go from the ground to the 49th floor.

bitexcoThe Bitexco Financial Tower has so many places to go. The 1st floor is great for shopping and drinking, but this is not where foreign tourists should pay much attention to, in my opinion. There’s just nothing special here. The 3rd and 4th floors are for food courts and cinema, which is perfect if you haven’t filled your stomach yet.
However, the fun begins just when you enter the 49th floor called Saigon Skydeck. You can buy tickets on the 1st floor to enter it. The price can be a bit high – 200 000 VNĐ for every ticket, but for sure it’s worth every penny you spent. In this floor, you can view 360° the entire city inside the lotus (not literally, of course) and even zoom in wherever you want to thanks to big binoculars around. All of the spectacular beauties of Saigon will be right in front of you. I personally recommend you should go there to watch the sunset. You will surely be charmed.
The 51st and 52nd floors are a cafeteria and a buffet restaurant. The price is significantly high, but they all have 5-star quality, not to mention the chance to drink and eat with perfect view to the city, at the perfect height.

Bitexco Financial Tower has become the new and modern symbol of Saigon. It proves that Vietnam in general and Ho Chi Minh City, in particular, are developing considerably and going to go far in the future.
But we’re living in the now, so let’s just enjoy the beauty of the building first.
Thank you  so much for visiting us

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