Saigon culture lies on a cup of beer

Saigon Culture floats in A cup of Beer

Thanks for having a good time with us, especially with Saigon beer.

Why we mention Saigon beer, not Hanoi beer but not the others? Just so you know, there are Saigon beer, Hanoi Beer in Ha Noi and in Hue we have Saigon beer, Huda Beer. But in Saigon, we have all of those. Yes, so you may have notice that Saigon beer is everywhere. With all the experience of a traveller, through many regions of Vietnam, being questions from many foreigners as well, now I can tell you there’s no doubt that Saigon beer is one of the Vietnam culture’s specials that you have-to-try.

People travel for many reasons: to relax, have fun of course, and to step beyond known horizons. If you travel for new experiences, to sharpen your life skills and build new networks of friends, read this article about the unique food and drink culture of Saigon that defines and expresses some of what people most love about their country. Marcus Garvey said, “A nation’s culture resides in the heart and the soul of its people.” Soul is expressed in what people most like doing to enjoy their lives daily to the utmost. The Saigonese soul truly lies in our famous street food, especially when enjoyed in the city’s throbbing night markets. If you want to know Saigon culture intimately, you must live in the city at night as the locals do, eating and drinking on the street corners and in the hems – the tiny alleys – soaking up the atmosphere as you soak up the beer, feeling and hearing the blares and beats of raucous Saigon nightlife. Perfect out of doors enjoyment awaits!

Forget the luxurious restaurants, put away the practice, grab the dong and step outside into the night, breaking lose into the popular culture of the Saigon people at street food stalls, sitting on one of the tiny red or blue plastic stools. Please feel free to talk emphatically and laugh loudly in enjoyment with your friends, as we do. This is our style, it defines us, and you will find us Vietnamese to be a very friendly people, happy to share our smiles and street culture with you. It is no doubt that our friendly drinking culture helps to easily connect and quickly bond strangers, opening the door to unexpected adventures and new friendships. France and Italy have their red and white wines, Japan has Sake, and there is Soju in Korea and Wu Liang Ye mountain wine from China. But in Vietnam, our drink is beer and it rules the night, having become a true cultural phenomenon. When in Vietnam, do not avoid quaffing a cup or bottle with us, or you might suffer regret back home at missing a chance to live like a local.

In Vietnam, we have three ways of drinking beer: fresh beer, draught beer, and beer in bottles or cans.

We enjoy them all, and who can say which tastes better? They all taste great, especially on a warm and windy Saigon night when you’ll find that beer is the best choice. Have you ever wondered how Saigon Beer tastes like or enjoyed a cup of “bia hoi” with BBQ? This fresh beer and the spicy meat cooked before your eyes are a great combination guaranteed to increase your enjoyment of the evening outdoors, heightening the carnival-like ambiance of one big neighborhood party. “The beer tastes much nicer with BBQ. The atmosphere with BBQ is more fun and friendly.

With some small chit chat about Vietnamese street food and culture, it will make everything seem better, ”says David, a Brit happily washing down the finger-licking meat with a local beer, his in a big clear plastic cup with a huge chunk of pure ice. You may say that drinking beer is not the only route, that there are many ways to get connected to and with Saigon culture. I totally understand that, of course! But from my perspective, I can see you many foreigners forgetting all those boundaries, coming closer to each other and to us via Vietnamese street food, BBQ, and beer.

Obviously, it is wise to understand a country’s culture by experiencing it through their unique lifestyles, food, and drink. So, please, do not hesitate to discover everything in Saigon through your own eyes and mouth, the food, beer, talk, and laughter.

You know, Vietnamese drink beer with ice :)) “Look at the picture above” and you’ll know Why we do

If you have any special stories, please share them with me as I really want to hear what you feel and think as you make your way through our city living like a local.

Thanks for visiting us


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